work up for crit

all of my work up in the critique room that i have done since being in Pont Aven

these are all concepts i am exploring that is working towards exploring the ideas of relationships and my generation and the idea of soullessness in socializing and also having the internet involved. Creating an identity on the internet that may not really be who you are, interacting in a false way and ideas of intimacy, commitment and feelings and how we interact with each other today in a falseness. It is not a finished project,  just ideas i am playing around to think about what i would like to explore in a potential body of work for the future that has to do with these concepts.

the soulless condition of human kind


new works of the moment

 not done

not done yet, and after it is done i want to take it out of the corner and made flat against a long wall

rabbit stew

jess and i slow cooked rabbit stew.. with rabbit.. it was delicious

my art community

so i decided to trace everyone and use their outlines in a project. i dont know exactly what i am going to do yet, but here are some photos from outlining them :) the piece is going to be called
 "my art community"


here are some of the outline drawings filled in with color


its been way to long!

new style of work.. i am exploring.. taking my images i have been saving and using them in a new way.. exploring repition, layering and shadows. I am also exploring the human figure, and interaction between humans. these are all studies i have been working on, and working over. 
try 1try 2

try 3


exploring using olive oil as a medium

 trying to mix the two ideas together.. this one came from a dream where bens head was underneath some legs

 first large piece on canvas.. not done
ben and jess take on me
 trying to make my own paper to paint on, turned out really cool!


all art in pictures from below are from Pompidou, Tate Britan, Tate Modern and Frieze Art Fair

i have this new idea that has to do with lights and the lighting of the room.. it came to me when viewing these different light projects

these two sculptures are made with toys glued together by Miki De Saint Phalle

Gillian Ayres
i love everything about Gillians work in the Tate it is energetic and colorful.
Roger Hilton i relate this piece to a figure and love the simplicity of it and gesture

Dexter Dalwoodthe idea of line, and combining different images is interesting to me and i think he did it very well

i really liked the movement in this painting


 i love this piece, it was see through and had two layers of material

 i love the idea of moving to sculpture maybe and this was a very fluid representation of movement to me

 looks like wandas long lost brother

 when i was young i used to have a friend who would tell me i looked great even when i looked horrible.. this made me think of her and laugh

 i liked this because it was a large piece of a figure without being in a square

 this is a close up of a peice that was all done with little wholes that the paint bleed threw, i loved the idea

this is my favorite painting i saw the whole time Peter Linde Busk

lady with vagians all over her.. had a matching purse

jess and michelle where twins one day
Maddie and i, and beautiful day in Paris