Time Flies

I can not believe how fast two weeks flew by! I am back in Pont Aven, and only have around a month left in france. My two weeks of traveling where wonderful, I saw Murakami work in Versaille, Basquiat's retrospective, reindeer in the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum, and that is all before i flew to africa!



I will be traveling to Berlin Paris and Marrakech from November 6-22 and am excited for all the inspiration and things i will learn in my travels!

update on work in progress

i am at a point where i am having problems working. I know i have to push through to develop and grow, but i am scared of over working. when do u push through the anxiety and fear of overworking without overworking? In  some ways i think i should stop and take a break and wait ofr something to come from inside me to work on them, but in other ways i think it is good to push through and i have a deadline here i only have 2 more weeks of working time! Here is what i have so far