About to leave!

I have two days before i leave for my four month trip to Pont Aven, and while sitting getting my hair done i found this horoscope. It is creepily exciting!! My birthday is the 8th!! i cant wait to make foreign connections, and i am so excited to stop putting painting on hold!!! I also just finished reading eat, pray, love, and am so excited to live in the present. I am trying not to concentrate on the future or the past. I am just concentrating on being in france and being creative, and it feels great! Between these two readings and also just being able to go someplace so super cool and take the time to explore myself as an artist i am SO excited and cannot wait to start my adventure!


  1. I am so excited for you!
    I will definitely be following your blog and journey... <3

  2. I am here, cant wait!