career or lifestlye?

as i have been getting to know everyone and the town and my teachers. I think i have been thinking about being an artist in all the wrong ways when it come to graduating college. Everyone else around me think about what career path they will follow. I was thinking the same way.. and think of art as a career.. but i have come to realize since being here i think it is a way of life.. something i cannot get out of my system or leave behind. I am not just an artist in that i make work. but it is how i think about everything and anything. when i put it like that, that its a lifestyle. for some reason it seems a little more manageable.. like no matter what i do, i am still an artist. that is nice.


  1. Bonjour mon Amie Kristin !!

    I have visited your website - it looks really great - I'm proud of you. Please keep your blogging up as now a part of the 'French' me lives through your writings. By the way, 'va la' is spelled 'voila' ... STUDY YOUR FRENCH !!!

    I hope the time goes by slowly for you ... but I do look forward to seeing you upon your return and hearing of your adventures ...

    Work hard, play hard -

    A bientot -


  2. Andrea Senderoff16.9.10