first week already gone!

I have been here one week! YAY! and have already done so much. i have moved into my host families house. Which is awesome and have my own room and bathroom above the garage. I celebrated my 24 birthday. I was an amazing day. I was a little scared to be celebrating my birthday during such a large move, but it was wonderful.

 Two friends and I found a beach and hung out all day at it. Where i sat and thought. How amazing is this. and i never take time to just breath in america. We just sat, hung out, walked the beach a little. and enjoyed the beautiful day. It was amazing.

I got home and went on a run through the countryside of france. Where  I ran on a SMALL road, as i was running.. and no people where near or cars. I thought to myself this is amazing. There is just rolling country side and i was is OWE and at peace. Breathing the air in, sweating and enjoying myself by myself.

I then went home to celebrate with my host family. We "Yec'hed mat!" (cheers) with french champagne  and then ate savory crepes. After some friends and i found the only bar open in Pont Aven and sat and had some beer and got to know each other and laughed. It was wonderful.

I am still getting settled in the art school but it is wonderful. I have decided not to take any classes and just to concentrate on my self, and my work. I think that this is going to be a very special time for myself

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