final critique sum-up

i had my final review yesterday and was so pleased with the discussion. the major thing  after talking about my artwork with the group i think i discovered is that i think i am heading in a more conceptual direction then more classical painting. one that it is not fully about the final project but more about the processes. i am not even sure if i want to "paint" like on a canvas at the moment. i am more interested in exploring my ideas and concepts and the experience in expressing them. that being said i got some really great thoughts on new directions for my work in my crit.
one being that i take this concept of making a group of cardboard cuts outs, like my own army and really push it Making a lot of them and have an event or gathering with them.

 they are false friends which i choose how they want to be perceived and imaged. Have a event where they get destroyed or i dispose of them.  or even involve them in social networking like facebook and have these superficial or fake cardboard cut out disposable friends on facebook and give them substance. let them show an image. all these ideas are so exciting to me.

 i also really like the concept of using throw away materials, ones that dont last and dont have any value. there also is a quickness in the way i am working right now and flatness of my work that emulates the idea of relationships that are being put fourth. cardboard is flat and has no dimension like some of the relationships or even the Internet in a 3d mater. and on the cardboard as the top layers shrink the cardboard pulls giving it a life of its own.

 one critique told me i should take my classical painters hand out of the cut outs. I think that is an interesting idea and would like to explore it. make them even more not unique.

 i would also like to consider incorporate sound, performance, or a public event into the concepts i am exploring right now.

 I then got discussion on my latest work  "i am curious" and discussed the idea that i dont understand the words i am working over. and the idea of celebrities and the superficiality of knowing them based off of images that are projected into the public domain. and the idea to push the french words more by highlights the words i know and maybe covering or erasing the rest to create my own language forcing the viewer to into my own perspective. access to intimacy.

in all of my work i would like to next purse getting less gestural and more mechanical and see where that goes.

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