what i have learned from Pont Aven

- art is not just a career it is a lifestyle
-you can be creative in many ways, and sometimes do not have to just be doing the cookie cutter brush on canvas
-i dont think i can live without art
-i do want to go to graduate school
   i dont know for what but i want to take some time to realize what it is and explore other areas  and       mediums to try to
-i think i that i am starting to think more conceptually rather then classically in my art
-right now i enjoy exploring the ideas and getting them out through creating more then the final project that comes from the work
-sometimes having more time is better because it forces you to take time and think and digest ideas and feelings
-i need to surround myself with artist to help support and push me
- i need to surround myself with art to help keep my creative ideas flowing and see how other people are expressing themselves
-being an artist could be the most fulfilling experience because you are in a career where you are getting paid to explore your feelings and thoughts so deep and then express them into something for other people to enjoy. You get to investigate and grow and study yourself and thoughts.
-when you cook with butter it always is going to taste good :)

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