thoughts about my work before my critique

i sat in my studio today looking at all my work hung ready for critique tomorrow. When looking around and reading over my artist statement i tried to think about what i was saying, how i was saying it and what i might want to do next

there is a vagueness about my work at the moment, that i really enjoy right now. to me its a flatness of images stripped of their authenticity and the lack of genuine intimacy in the interacting of each other in each piece. there is a unknown, falseness, unfinished, ungenuine feeling i think i get from my work at the moment. I do not think that the work i produced this semester is my best work, or even know if i am fully proud of it, but i feel i have made great strides and am proud of the journey i have taken here in digesting my thoughts and feelings and understanding them and producing them in my work. I think that if i can hold on to these concepts and keep working in a manner of producing work in this fashion i can succeed in making hopefully magical work in the future. i am excited for the future. i am interested in different areas such as sound, performance and sculpture, as well as pushing different mediums together in one.

in my midterm critiques i was told my work was soulless. At first i was taken back by this comment, but then i realized it is soulless. I question my time here with my art and its soul, but am proud of the thoughts that have been provoked by questioning it.

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